The Seven Kingdoms

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Seven kingdoms

The Seven Kingdoms were originally pockets of humanity that simply held differing cultural traditions and beliefs. The lands themselves were controlled by various warlords, bandits, tribes, and anyone that had the power to hold a section of land. It was not until the coming of the Ruman Empire that each area was split up into territories and assigned “Dukes” that would act as the local magistrate and governor for them, answerable only to the King.

When the Ruman Empire began to fall apart from internal strife, the various Dukes broke off and declared themselves kings ruling over their “kingdoms”. Eventually this led to the complete sundering of the Empire and the creation of the Seven Kingdoms. The current tradition has existed for so long that many of the stories of the beginnings have been twisted and warped, so much so that there is some doubt as to whether or not that was what the One True King had intended all along. If there is a source of fact to support any of these theories, it has been lost to mankind for a very long time.

For thousands of years, man has been left relatively alone, allowed to grow and expand with little in the way of true outside threat. As a consequence of this however, it has caused the kingdoms to look at each other for potential advancement and envy. While it is predominantly peaceful at the moment, there have been fights in the past over border disputes or resources. Some realms hold better relations with certain others, but there is little in the way of actual alliances or treaties.

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The Seven Kingdoms

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