The Secret of the Word

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Words have a powerful affect on magic in the world of Gaia. When used in correct format in conjunction with magic they can bolster the effect of spells in limited ways.

Secret of the word

When a character recites a rhyme style format for their spell in place of the normal verbal component (done as the spell is cast) it will boost the effective caster level of that particular spell by two, as well as increase the DC by two. If a spell is not affected by caster level or DC and has a set duration, the duration of the spell will be doubled. Alternatively, this can also be used in conjunction with Turn or Rebuke Undead attempts. The use of such words exacts a toll upon the caster and thus can only be used three times a day.

Be warned however, that as the power of your magic increases, so do the ripples unleashed.

(Players must actually recite their rhyme to enable the effect)

The Secret of the Word

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