The Gray Gods

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The entities that are predominantly referred to as “The Gray Gods” are comprised of those beings that are generally considered to be “neutrally” aligned. Opinions and perspectives may differ amongst various cultures or races, but these deities are most often seen as those that are “withdrawn” from the troubles of mortals, and instead focus more on the aspect they preside over. They tend to have dealings with both The Light Gods and The Dark Gods, but the relations with their dark brethren tend to be more strained as they do not get along well with others most of the time.

Selesaun symbol mini Selesaun (CN)- The goddess of Luck and Travelers
Domains: Luck, Travel, Water, Fate
Symbol: A pair of dice
Favored weapon: Dagger, Dart

Ebris mini Ebris (N) – The god of Magic and Mysteries
Domains: Magic, Spell, Fire, Mysticism
Symbol: Four stars in a diamond formation
Favored Weapon: Staff

Lorien mini Lorien (LN) – The goddess of Knowledge and Runes
Domains: Knowledge, Air, Rune, Oracle
Symbol: An open book
Favored Weapon: Unarmed combat

Jhabal saag mini Jhabal-Saag (N) – The god of Nature and Beasts
Domains: Animal, Plant, Earth, Scalykind
Symbol: Wolf’s head with antlers
Favored Weapon: Shortspear, Bolas

Pronunciation guide:

Selesaun (Sell-AH-shawn)
Ebris (EH-brees)
Lorien (Lor-EE-ahn)
Jhabal-Saag (ZHA-ball-SOG)

The Gray Gods

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