The Fate Chart

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The Fate Chart is a massive 62 page chart which is optional for each character, and no one will be forced to roll on it if they choose not to. Specifics regarding the contents of the chart will not be released, but basically Fate can override the normal rules of the game in many ways. It can allow races that are not normally accessible, it can provide benefits that are overwhelmingly powerful, it can provide small assets to your character. As Fate can be fickle however, for every good thing that could potentially be rolled, there is something equally bad or negative waiting for that cast of the die. You could be a destitute beggar, a wanted criminal, a maimed cripple, under a dire curse, or simply nothing out of the ordinary.

The chart is completely randomized with multiple charts per table, weighted only by the power of the effect (the stronger it is, good or bad, the less likely the chance). It’s entirely possible to roll absolutely nothing out of the ordinary on the chart. If a player selects to use this option, they will be given 1d4+1 rolls against Fate. Anything rolled MUST be kept regardless of whether or not the result was initially included in your vision of the character (Fate has a tendency to do things like that). Not all results may be immediately known to your character, some may be things that your character is unaware of, and only finds out through game play.

Major NPC villains WILL use this chart and follow the rules accordingly.

The Fate Chart

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