Story of Creation

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Darkness and light

Long before the world was even in existance, the two greatest gods, Val’Kir the Sunlord, and his brother, Rah’Kir the Nightbringer, struggled against each other for eons, an eternal conflict between two such opposite forces. Eventually, in the swirling mass of order and chaos, Gaia was created. For the first time, the two brothers ceased their war and turned their attention upon this unexpected result. Rah’Kir saw this new situation as an opportunity for a change in his long battle for domination, and quickly set to spreading his chaos into the world. Val’Kir, though initially reluctant to interfere, knew that his brother could not be allowed to go unchecked, and brought the might of his order into play.

During this time, the two brothers began to test the limits of what they could do and nearly destroyed everything before they even realized it. Almost as if Gaia was protecting herself, powerful beings came into existance, tied to the very elemental forces of the planet. These entities, along with the two brothers, became known as the gods. This new group provided a small buffer between the constantly clashing siblings, and through this managed to form a pact between them. Unwilling to sacrifice this new playing field, the two agreed to limit the degree of their presence in the world, so as to avoid its destruction between such titanic forces. The resulting limiter placed on them took the battlefield to a different level.

It was at this time the gods created life, and the First Age was born. Many of the great beasts and horrors of legend were said to come from this period, though as time passed, other races were born and the world moved on. Through out all these events however, the gods continued to argue and eventually fell into three camps. One group, headed by Val’Kir, believed that mortals should be protected, allowing them to grow freely. A second group lead by Rah’Kir believed that they should be tested, and only the strongest allowed to live. The last group, believed that mortals should be allowed to grow freely, but that they must stand on their own strengths. It is from these philosophies that each group is separated.

Story of Creation

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