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This campaign will be running the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 rule set. The approved resources are the Player’s Handbook I and II, Dungeon Master’s Guide, and the Complete series of books. Selections from the Spell Compendium, Expanded Psionics handbook and other 3.5 resources may be allowed pending DM approval. There are also some rules specific to this campaign and setting. Please be sure to read through each section carefully for how they will be utilized in the game. Each player will be responsible for knowing the limits and capabilities of these rules.

The information on this site is a mixture of game mechanics and world knowledge which your character could have learned. Anything that isn’t specifically related to game mechanics is only as factual as the information your character would have had up to this point. That means some of it may not be entirely correct or is lacking. More material will also be added as characters learn it through the game, this includes not only the lore of the world but also things like campaign specific prestige classes, skills, spells and so on.


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