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The might of val kir

Religion is a powerful force in the world of Gaia. While there are cults and spirit clans that can be found in the more remote areas of the globe, the primary focus of worship comes from a group of entities commonly referred to as “the gods”. This group is further divided into three smaller groupings often known as “The Light Gods”, “The Gray Gods”, and “The Dark Gods”. This division is based on the disposition of these various powers in relation to their views on the world and the mortals living upon it.

There are ancient stories and myths regarding the various gods and how closely they once interacted with the inhabitants of the world, to the point that it was said they even walked the surface themselves. It has long been rumored that they even shared some of their divine mysteries with their followers, and those groups still pass them down through their orders to this very day. Though there are many legends and tales, some of which conflict with each other, there are a few beliefs so commonly shared as to be almost universal.


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