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Land of thraea

The land of Thraea has experienced numerous wonders and tragedies in its long history. Ancient monuments built by means that have been lost through time can be found scattered in various locations, as well as terrible scars on the land that mark the site of horrific battles. Though the Seven Kingdoms claim a great amount of territory, the borders in some areas are perhaps not as solid as they are written on paper, especially around those places controlled by non-human races.

Maps of the continent are rare, and most of the ones that do exist are extremely old, dating back to the time of the Ruman Empire. Much of that information is unreliable however as things have changed considerably in many ways since that era. Stories and myths are woven with the same thread as fact for those speaking of Thraea and its features. True knowledge on those areas outside of the well established trade routes is a valuable commodity and can be a great source of wealth…and danger.

Places of Interest

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