NPC Gustav Henrikson

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Sun’s Radiance of the Temple of Val’Kir


Though this elderly gentleman is 74 years of age, he still has a rather spritely and energetic air about him. An almost palpable radiance of peace and good cheer emanate from him, and his infectious good nature often reaches even the most surly of people. He has spent a lifetime in the service of Val’Kir aiding any and all in need that cross his path. It is not in his nature to talk much about his past other than to provide pieces of advice to those that may need it, and maintains a high level of discretion in regards to questions about those he may have assisted previously. Gustav is in many ways seen, and treated as everyone’s kindly grandfather who perhaps has the authority to enforce his will, but rarely ever must resort to such measures as no one wishes to disappoint him.

Gustav has been at Holdfast almost as long as it’s been in existance. Originally sent to help administer services to the soldiers garrisoned at the outpost, he quickly realized that the harsh conditions were taking their toll on the morale and lives of the men. Over the next few years he traveled back and forth to the outpost and eventually helped the elder Lord Garus in building the town. Establishing a small branch of Val’Kir brought a number of people to settle in the area that would not otherwise have done so. Following the precepts of the Sunlord to spread their light into the areas of darkness, he has continued to channel his efforts into helping maintain the health of the church and the town. Though he heads up the temple, and has done so since it’s establishment twenty two years ago, he does travel from time to time and has seen a number of strange and wondrous things.

NPC Gustav Henrikson

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