NPC Alan Garus

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Lord of the Northern Reaches

Alan garus

The current Lord Garus is 42 years of age. He stands just over six feet in height with a strong build, reddish brown hair and closely trimmed beard. His heraldric device is the image of a sword aflame, the same used by his father, and his father’s father. The symbol was inspired by the sword that has been passed down through several generations of the Garus family. The weapon, a magical longsword known as Brand, has the ability to ignite in flame at the command of it’s bearer. It’s said that Lord Garus’ great grandfather slew a terrible fire breathing dragon that menaced the land, and that when his sword pierced it’s heart, it ever after retained the fiery core of the beast within it.

Lord Garus is an able leader, inheriting the position from his father who helped establish Holdfast twenty eight years ago. In his younger days when his father was still acting Lord, he spent much of his time exploring and clearing the lands around the town making a name for himself and coming out from under the shadow of his father’s greatness. Sixteen years ago, a large tribe of beastmen attacked the town suddenly and would have wiped everyone out had not the younger Garus managed to rally the remaining defenders and push them back. In the fighting however, the elder Garus was killed, thus passing the lordship over to his son.

NPC Alan Garus

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