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Magic unleashed

Magic has a long and deep history on the continent of Thraea, the cause of both great and terrible acts. In the current Age, it has become a taboo subject in a number of kingdoms, and the common man regards it with fear and superstition. Some lands go to such extremes as to hold regular witch hunts in order to “purge the evil” from their societies.

Those people that have the ability to practice magic quickly discover that discretion is the best policy when it comes to working their craft. Arcane casters are often labeled as using “black arts” and while people may be slightly more tolerant of divine casters with whom they share the same faith, they too must tread carefully. As the decades of fear and persecution wear on, the number of casters continues to dwindle, leaving magic an almost forgotten art in some parts of the kingdoms. Those few areas free of the stigma against magic are considered dangerous and sometimes forbidden lands by the others.

To make matters more difficult for those attempting to remain unnoticed, there are consequences when drawing energy for their casting. This makes it virtually impossible to use spells in the presence of others without alerting them of what is going on. Those possessing innate abilities however, have been fortunate to discover that this “ripple” does not occur while utilizing them. Furthermore, to the daring and the foolish that are willing to throw caution to the winds for the chance at greater power, it is a long held secret that some words can greatly enhance their magic, though the unintended effects grow stronger as well.


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