Hero Points

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Hero point

This campaign will utilize a system called Hero Points. Each character starts with one Hero Point at 1st level. As the character progresses, they automatically gain another Hero Point at levels 5, 10, 15, and 20. Hero points can also be gained for completing major campaign goals or may be granted by the DM for extraordinary game play.

Once a Hero Point is used, it is forever expended. Essentially, they represent rare moments of extreme heroics, so should be used sparingly either for significant moments or to save the character’s life. It is up to each player to determine how and when to utilize their points.

A Hero Point grants the character one of a number of possible outcomes as listed below:

  • Can change any to hit die roll to an automatic 20. If the object or creature struck can be threatened by a critical blow, it is also automatically confirmed.
  • Can be used to make any to hit roll against the player miss, this includes critical hits as well. Furthermore, this ability can be used after the fact, thus creating a momentary loop in time where Fate has intervened and changes the course of history.
  • Can allow the character to automatically succeed any allowed saving throws for the round the point is spent. The effect of this will only be retroactive for any failed roll if used immediately after the failure.
  • Can be used to extend the threshold of death’s door for any dying character. Instead of the normal threshold (-10 + level), the character is barred entry into the realm of death for 5 rounds, regardless of damage taken. The character remains unconscious and unable to act, and if they are bleeding, continue to do so until they succeed with a normal stabilization check. If at the end of the 5th round the character is not brought up above their normal threshold, they perish immediately.
  • Can be used to allow the character to take 20 on all skill check rolls made during the round in which the point is spent.
  • Can be spent to reroll hit points gained at a new level. On the second roll, anything less than 50% of maximum possible is automatically rounded up to 50% of max.

*Note: Major NPC villains may have Villain Points

Hero Points

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