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Kingdom: Osen
Population: 4200
Armed Forces: 200 guards / 200 militia
Lord: Edvard Carlsen
Major Industry: Marble, Statuary
Temples: None
Shrine: Marduk, Lorien

Figures of note:
Holger Arnesen – Mayor of Biersted
Soren Skjeggestad – Captain of the Guard
Bjarne Andersen – Stonemason’s Guild Leader

A small town located in the upper midwest region of Osen, it is most commonly known for it’s marble quarry which is the major export of the region. There is however a growing number of sculptors flocking to the area to work the material into a variety of statuary which are then sold to more affluent patrons in the city of Storvolden. Most of the trade in the town is built upon the foundation of the quarry and the ever growing presence of the Stonemason’s Guild. While there are some few independent stone workers in the area, the vast majority have had to join the guild or be forced out of the area due to economic failure.

The land surrounding Biersted is comprised mostly of small mountains and hills with some sparse vegetation. There is little growth in terms of farming as the soil is too rocky and lacking in nutrients to yield enough to support those living there. The majority of food is imported in during the routine caravans passing to and from the town seeking loads of marble to sell in Storvolden. There is little in the way of outside threats to the town barring the occasional bandits or mountain lions, though there is a standing guard force (mostly paid for by the Stonemason’s Guild) that insures thievery is kept to a minimum.


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