The Light Gods

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The entities that are predominantly referred to as “The Light Gods” are comprised of those beings that are generally considered to be “good” aligned. Opinions and perspectives may differ amongst various cultures or races, but these deities are most often seen as “protectors” of life and creation. They are often opposed by The Dark Gods, but usually deal well with The Gray Gods.

Val kir symbol mini Val’Kir (LG) – The god of the Sun and Protection
Domains: Sun, Protection, Good, Fire
Symbol: A gold disk or circle
Favored Weapon: Spear, LongSpear, Staff, Lance

Marduk symbol Marduk (CG) – The god of Battle and Strength
Domains: Courage, Strength, Good, Earth
Symbol: A clenched fist or gauntlet
Favored Weapon: Any Great Weapon

Iyhaasa symbol mini Iyhaasa (LG) – The goddess of Justice and Law
Domains: Law, Retribution, Good, Air
Symbol: Three Crossed Arrows
Favored Weapon: Long Bow

Kelune symbol Kelune (NG) – The goddess of the Moon and Healing
Domains: Healing, Moon, Good, Water
Symbol: Silver crescent moon
Favored Weapon: Kelune’s Crescent

Pronunciation guide:

Val’Kir (Vahl-KEER)
Marduk (MAR-duke)
Iyhaasa (EE-hay-AH-sa)
Kelune (Key-LOON)

The Light Gods

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