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Kingdom: Osen
Population: 12,000
Armed Forces: 2000 guards /1000 militia
Lord: Alan Garus
Major Industry: Minerals, Furs
Temples: Val’Kir
Shrine: Kelune, Marduk, Iyhaasa

Figures of note:
Alan Garus – Lord of the Northern Reaches
Gustav Henrikson – Head of the Temple of Val’Kir in Holdfast

Holdfast is the largest fortified town near the northern most border of Osen, edging near the Northlands. Strategically situated in the foothills at the base of two mountain chains, it effectively sits in the one spot that creates a bottleneck between the north and the south. It was established twenty eight years ago by Lord Berrin Garus originally as a fortified outpost to act as an early watch system for mass beastmen incursions that had long plagued the north. Due largely to his success in driving the beastmen back and keeping the area relatively secure, the outpost grew into a small town.

Ever since the last great beastman invasion sixteen years ago, when the old Lord Garus died and his son took his place, the growth has continued such that the town is now quite large and has been fortified even further, complete with an inner keep and strong outer walls. Beastmen raids are now relatively unheard of against the town itself, with the biggest threat being to those travelers who wander further north to explore for rare or sought after resources. There are also occasional attacks against caravans and merchants that travel back and forth from the town along the southern routes but are usually relatively small. In all though, for a “border town” it hasn’t really seen much in the way of a threat for years. It’s primary industry comes through the minerals that can be found throughout the mountains and hills nearby as well as the plethora of furs brought in by local trappers and huntsmen.

It is said that Holdfast received it’s name from the elder Lord Garus during the first great beastman raid on the outpost. Leading the defenders against the attacking horde he rallied his troops with his bold words, “Hold fast, brave men! Let this ground be the rack upon which these dogs break, and allow them no entry into our lands!”


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