Age of Terror

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The dark war

The Age of Innocence was shattered with the start of the Dark War. The way of life for both the Elves and the Dwarves changed radically as they were forced to learn not only how to defend themselves, but also how to cooperate with each other again after so many years. They quickly realized that they were at a serious disadvantage in numbers and strove to seek allies to aid them in their struggles. Though the truly powerful of the elder races were gone, there still lingered some of the lesser children of the Dragons and the Titans. Forging pacts with some of these remnants gave the Elves and Dwarves enough might to contend with the Dark Children.

The war itself raged on across, both above and below, the surface of Thraea for thousands of years, each side striving to overcome the other. It was a time of great tragedy and hardship, and not only did the races suffer, but so did the land as well. It was during this era that the first recordings of strange effects began to manifest by those wielding the power of magic. Little understood, and lost amidst the chaos of war, there was no time to study this odd phenomenon or its possible cause.

Another extremely unusual occurrence also took place during this period, the appearance of new intelligent races across Thraea. Whether this event was linked to the odd behavior of magic was never determined conclusively, but it was made known that the Gods did not bring about their creation. Most of the races known today, ogres, goblins, faerie, halflings, lizard men, gnomes, beastmen, and many more were discovered at this time. Both the Light and the Dark Children quickly realized that this new development could change the tide of the war, and sought to establish alliances with various groups. Though aspects of the battles took on new dimensions, the war continued on for thousands of years more.

Finally, a massive battle took place at a site of tremendous power, each side attempting to take control. The fighting was vicious in the extreme and tens of thousands died in the struggle. In the end however, the Dark War was brought to a halt by one person. An elven mage known as Myrlin had somehow unlocked the secrets to the mysteries of the site, and in so doing, the first Great Mage was brought into the world. Wielding a power like unto that of the strongest and most ancient of the great Dragons and Titans, he quickly smashed the remaining forces of the Dark Children that failed to flee in time. In but a single day, he had effectively ended the Dark War, bringing about a new Age, an Age of Magic.

Age of Terror

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