Age of Man

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One true king

The appearance of the One True King brought the Age of Magic to a close as the forces of Man and other Children of Light gathered as never before. The boy grew to manhood quickly, as humans were wont to do, and his army had grown vast. Leading the way, his sword ablaze with power and backed by the arcane might of his mentor Myrlin, the One True King began to crush his enemies. The Dark Children rapidly lost ground unable to withstand the ferocious onslaught and almost fanatic devotion of the king’s soldiers. In a few short years what last bastions of strength they had were gone, their armies decimated, and the Great Mage war was ended.

In the aftermath, the lands were once again in ruin, and countless numbers had died, including almost all of the Great Mages. Magic, once held up as the pinnacle of achievement, was now regarded more with fear and disdain. Those communities of magic users that had not been destroyed in the war, quickly found themselves unwelcome and were disbanded or disappeared from the lands. Even the Great Library was lost during this time, and though there are many a wild tale as to its fate, no one truly knows what happened to it, or even where it once stood.

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Age of Man

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