Age of Magic

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The Age of Terror came to a close with the ending of the Dark War. Though the fighting had stopped for the most part, the aftermath and devastation from thousands of years of warfare lingered. Many centuries were spent recovering and rebuilding what could be saved from the wreckage, but though much had been lost, something amazing had been gained. The Great Magic.

Great mages battle

Having witnessed the awesome power wielded by Myrlin, a renewed effort was taken up by all races to unlock such secrets themselves, though the figure of note had himself vanished after the war. This rush for answers lead to many magical discoveries and to a great communal pooling of knowledge that had never been seen before. Various races had come together to compare research and information in an effort to further their studies. Academies were built, tomes were written, and the culmination of them all, the Grand Library Myndragar was built. Magic was everywhere, and it was wonderous.

Over time others learned the secrets to unlocking the Great Magic, and though few in number, each had a power that lost out only to the Gods themselves. As though this were not enough, a new breed of mage appeared on the scene also wielding a great, though terrible and dark power, the Blood Magus. Magic fueled by the blood and death of others, the strongest of these foul casters could rival even the Great Mages. Though there were brief encounters and clashes, no one wished to restart the hostilities that had ignited the last war.

In the midst of this magical Age, the Light Gods stunned the world with a new generation of Children, a race that would come to be known as Human. The least powerful of all the Children the Gods had created, the reasons for their birth were not made known. Both the Light and the Gray Gods seemed to show them some favor however, sharing with the fledgling race some of their divine mysteries. The suddenness of their appearance, inherent lack of power, and “privileged” status led to an ostracization from the other Children.

This took an even more dire turn when the Dark Children began attacking the Humans, much as they had once done consistently with the Elves and the Dwarves. The Humans however lacked the allies and resources to resist the onslaught and fought a losing battle to survive. When it became apparent that none of the other Children were going to give aid, the dark forces pressed even harder and centuries of persecution and hunting followed, all but annihilating the new race. The Humans had been driven into one last city and were on the verge of losing that as well, when the Great Mage Myrlin appeared in the skies above, raining down fiery destruction on the invaders and ending the battle. In a God-like voice heard by all in the city, the Great Mage announced the coming of the One True King who would be the savior of Humanity and unite the land as none had before. After his announcement, the mage disappeared once again.

Myrlin’s foretelling quickly spread across Thraea and created a silent fervor amongst all the Children. The forces of darkness, taking this as a foreboding omen began to seriously marshal their forces for war once again, preparing to crush the Human race completely before this could come to pass. The Elves, having learned of the Dark Children mobilizing and taking Myrlin’s words into account, quickly sought out their allies. They came to the decision to aid the struggling young Children this time against the conflict to come.

Establishing contact with the Humans and bringing them into their alliance, the older races began teaching them in the arts of magic, much as they had once been taught by the elder Children. The studies flourished, and due to their great adaptability and quick birthrate the nearly extinct group grew significantly in both size and power. A century later, when the dark army was ready to march once again, they found themselves facing a much more prepared and dangerous adversary along with their numerous allies. A second Dark War erupted, but this time it brought with it an even higher form of warfare, the Great Magic.

Entire armies and battles were won or lost based on the outcome of arcane duels between Great Mages and Blood Magi. Unbelievable amounts of magic and power were unleashed to the level that even the odd “effects” that accompanied the casting of spells became cataclysmic in scale, leaving untold destruction in their wake. Entire towns and cities that were miles away from the fighting were destroyed, not by the spells of the casters, but by the unintended consequences that came with them. No longer were people calling it the second Dark War, but rather it had become the Great Mage War. Magic was everywhere, and it was terrible.

Though the war had gone on only a slight fraction of time compared to the previous one, the damage caused was similar in scope due to the extraordinary levels of magic being used. The warring factions were locked in a rough stalemate, giving and retaking the same ground, attempting to find something to bring victory once and for all. It was at this time that the Great Mage Myrlin appeared once again, and brought with him a young human male.

The boy carried with him a shining sword of awesome might, whose name would be heralded through out the Ages, Kalibran. Though young, even by human standards, an aura of majesty and determination surrounded him, drawing those to him that would flock to his banner. The warhost grew rapidly, all manner of races coming together, unable to deny the call. The One True King had appeared, and his coming heralded the Age of Man.

Age of Magic

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