Age of Legends

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Dragon vs titan

Long ago in a forgotten Age of Legends, the Gods in their wisdom brought forth their creations into the world. The first of these were the Dragons and the Titans, infused with tremendous energy and empowered by their divine creators. While they held but a fraction of the power of the Gods, it was still vast and unfathomable. Truly, they could be called the Children of the Gods.

For many years these two races reigned over Gaia in harmony, until one day the peace was shattered between these mighty beings. The cause for this rift has been lost over the Ages but was of such magnitude that it led to war between them. Terrible forces were unleashed during the conflict, so much so that the land itself was sundered into pieces and scattered across the world. For millennia the fighting raged on, killing many on both sides, until eventually there were so few remaining that they called a reluctant truce. Most of the survivors from each race secluded themselves away in the hidden parts of the world, entering deep slumbers in an attempt to heal the horrific wounds they had suffered. The remnant left behind were of the youngest generations, significantly weaker than their ancestors and but a pale shadow of their awesome glory.

The Gods, having witnessed the destruction and failing of their previous Children, sought to start again with new creations. This time however only a small portion of energy was imbued into them, so that should there be a repeat of the mistakes of their predecessors, the results would be less devastating to Gaia. It was thus that the Elves and Dwarves were born into the world beginning a new Age of Innocence.

Age of Legends

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