Age of Innocence

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Elven city

The Age of Legends passed with the birthing of the Elves and the Dwarves. Like the previous races born on Gaia, they lived together in harmony at first, but over time differences drove them apart. Unlike the Dragons and the Titans however, these races merely moved to separate themselves by region, the Dwarves delving into the earth to make their homes, while the Elves remained on the surface. Though separated from each other, both races grew in strength and culture. It was during this time that each race also produced the first users of magic amongst them. Having befriended some of the few remaining of the elder races, the secrets of magic were passed on, vastly increasing the power of the younger generations and allowing them to create wonders.

It was a time of peace and prosperity but eventually it would not last. The Gods fought amongst themselves to the point where they eventually split into three distinctly separate groups. The factions became known as “The Light Gods”, “The Gray Gods”, and “The Dark Gods”, each pursuing an agenda specific to their desires.

The Dark Gods had grown tired of their current Children and desired to bring further change to the world. They did not wish the other Gods to know of their plans however, and so instead of creating new Children as they had done the previous times, they instead captured some of the existing ones, warping and corrupting them into new forms. These modified beings became known as wyverns, giants, orcs, and dark elves.

For hundreds of years, the Dark Gods kept them hidden in secret, encouraging them to breed and expand their numbers into the tens and then hundreds of thousands. Each year their twisted army continued to grow to the point at which it would soon become impossible to keep them hidden any longer. Finally, they unleashed their new Children who immediately began to to seek out and attack their one time brethren. Death, fear, and chaos ran rampant as the once peaceful races attempted to defend themselves. Building and farming tools were replaced with weapons and armor and the Dark War began, ushering in an Age of Terror.

Age of Innocence

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